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Information technologies

Developing and using of new technologies raises specific issues and challenges for business. We prepare IT contracts, advice on legal matters, the online shopping business or companies developing smart technologies. As consultants we participate in the development and implementation of IT products or software procedures. We provide consultations to the IT sector on existing legal regulation and help to find non-standard legal solutions.

Trade and E-commerce

We have a great experience advising the trading companies and providing all the legal services to the trade sector. We are valuable consultants when business is starting online shopping. We are proud of our experience in large-scale projects in retail (implementation of contract management system, enforcement of consumers' (buyers') rights, management of relations with suppliers).

Privacy and Data protection

We carry out legal and IT audits, consult and prepare all documents in the fields of privacy and personal data protection. Our recommendation is to have an effective data protection system in the company (appropriate measures due to to reduce privacy risks). We provide services of external Data Protection Officer and represent the clients in relations with the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

Employment and Migration

We are assisting with all the issues arising in the relationship between the employer and the employee. We prepare employment contracts, internal documents, and help with labour disputes. Representation at the State Labour Inspectorate. We advise and represent employees from third countries by applying for residence or labour permits. All consultations to visas, acquisition or reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship and asylum issues.

Regulatory Compliance

We advise on regulatory matters. On the basis of an individual risk assessment of the company we advise and help by implementing a compliance management system. We select and recommend appropriate measures to reduce the business risks and implement them. Investigation of compliance breaches. Services of extern Compliance Officer.

Dispute resolution

We represent in civil, administrative and labour matters at the pre-trial stage in all pre-trial dispute settlement institutions, courts and arbitration. We defend in criminal cases during pre-trial investigation, as well as in the European Court of Human Rights. We represent victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings.